Vertical Collector 2.05m2

Our solar collectors are produced under European Standards.They can be easily installed for all applications, such as solar water heater systems, forced circulation systems, etc.



Selective Collector Specifications:

Vertical collectors and horizontal collectors
Collector’s Frame Special aluminium alloy (Al Mg Si 0.5) treated with electrostatic oven painting «Seaside Class»
Blue Selective Titanium Absorber with special coating in air gap, laser welded on copper headers and risers.
Absorption’s Coefficient of selective surface with a ≥ 0.95 ± 0.02
Emission’s Coefficient of selective surface with e ≤ 0.05 ± 0.02
Headers (collector outlets) from copper Φ 22
Manifolds made from copper
Transparent cover of 4mm thickness, low iron, tempered, durable in adverse weather conditions (e.g. hail, extreme changes of temperature e.t.c.)
coefficient of glass cover t ≥ 0.90
Back side made Aluminum 0.5mm thickness, sealed with EPDM rubber
Back side insulation from rock wool 30 mm thickness with thermal conductivity λ = 0.035 W/m grd (tested in O° C )
Side insulation in 20mm thickness glass wool
Water tightness with black silicone and EPDM rubber

Semi-selective black paint collector:
Black paint collectors are identical with the above selective ones, with the only difference of :
Semi-selective absorber with special black paint coating in air gap, laser welded.

Dimensions:  1017 mm x 2017 mm x 90 mm