Systems Of Forced Circulation Producing Hot Water

In complete centralized systems of forced circulation for hot water production, provided with ENAMELD tank are included:

• Solar Collectors CSPk2.05 (1017 x 2017 x 90 mm) of high efficiency with laser welded titanium selective absorber
• Copper pipe joints Ø22x22 mm for the connection in parallel of the collectors
• Flat or inclined roof brackets and the accessories of assembly
• Special fitting Cross-type with air purge and sensor socket
• Cup Ø22 for solar collectors
• Floor standing boiler GLASS (160 – 1000)
• Two expansion vases a) for the closed system of solar collectors and b) for the cold water inlet of the tank
• Solar station ‘’Regusol MIDI ELH -130 DN 25 – 1’’ 2-15 lt/min) or ‘’Regusol MAXI LH -180’’ DN 25 – 1’’ 7-30 lt/min
• Regtronic RC solar controller
• Sensors:2 sensors for boiler with one heat exchangers,3 sensors for boiler with double heat exchangers
• Components kit for solar station with expansion vase.




                                                                                                                     Hydraulic drawing of application for hot water production