Complete set 100lt with selective collector 1,50m² PLANET SOL


Solar water heater system with selective collector.Elegant design, high certified quality.
Complete solution ready for installation.



Tank Specifications:

Outer cover: metallic outer cover in grey colour
Inner tank:Steel sheet EN 10130AIDCP  3.00mm thickness.Inner tank coating made of double liquid enamel processed at 860° C (glass) according DIN4753
Dimensions: 500mm x 1050mm
Heat exchanger: jacket type,of the same material and thickness of 2.00mm
Insulation:60mm thickness,of expended P.U. CFC free of high density 52kg/m³
Working pressure: 10 bar


Collector Specifications:

Dimensions: (length x height x width): 1010 x 1480 x 85mm
Case made of  aluminum profile
Aluminum rear cover
EPDM rubber and silicone seal for maximum waterproof protection.
Harp type absorber made of copper tubes Φ 8mm  risers  Φ 22mm headers.
Heavy duty absorber copper tubes laser welded to the absorbing plate for instant heat transmission.
Aluminum absorbing plate 0.5mm coated with Chrome-Nikel blue selective layer.
Solar irradiation absorbance factor a≥0.95 ± 2% and reflection e≤0.5 ± 2%
Insulation with rockwool and glass fibre wool of density 80kg/m³ and 30kg/m³ accordingly, ensuring high performance and minimun heat loss.
Tempered glass front cover low iron 4mm thickness ensuring durability and high transparency factor.

The system includes: corrosion protection with Mg rod – electrical element 1.5kw till 4kw – close circuit valve 3bar – safety valve 10bar / non return valve – accessories and transitions connectors – antifreeze

Frame:Mounting structure from hot galvanized steel 2.00mm thickness

Guarantee: written guarantee 5 years.