200L to 1000L Floor Standing DHW Boilers for HEAT PUMPS and Hot Water PLANET SOL



Inner tank from low carbon steel double enamelled
Cathodic Protection with magnesium rod in two flanges
Maximum Working Pressure 10 bar
Maximum Working Temperature 95°C
Insulation from expanded ecological (CFC free) polyurethane 55 mm thick with density 52 kg/m³ for models 200L – 500lt
Insulation from soft CFC free polyurethane (foam) 100 mm thick for the models of 800L & 1000lt
Heat Exchanger (coil) from enamelled steel-pipe 1 ¼” for heat pumps
Heat Exchanger (coil) from enamelled steel-pipe ¾” for solar collectors
Maximum Working Pressure of the exchanger 16 bar
Maximum Working Temperature of the exchanger 130°C
Diameter of flange 170 mm (upper and down flanges)
External coating: from flexible coloured PVC/ fabric removable (steel outer shell on order)

In all Tanks for forced circulation systems an expansion vase, a safety valve
as well as anodic protection must be installed in cold water inlet.


  • Back-up electric element with thermostat is not included. To be ordered separately at capacity required.
    (Special electric element required available in 4 KW - 1 ½").
  • Outer seal coating with pre-painted steel after customer request.