750L to 9000L Floor Standing Boiler (epoxy resin) PLANET SOL


Boiler tank from steel sheet
Coating with 
epoxy resin
Cathodic Protection 
with magnesium rod
Heat Exchanger 
from steel pipe
Maximum Working Pressure 
10 bar
Maximum Working temperature 95°C
Maximum Working temperature 
of the heat exchanger 100°C
Maximum Working Pressure of the heat exchangers 25 bar
Insulation from soft ecological (CFC free) polyurethane (foam) of 100mm thickness
External coating: from flexible coloured PVC/ fabric removable (steel outer shell on order)


  • Three-phase electric element with thermostat 1 ½" 6Kw or 9 Kw (to be ordered separately at capacity required).
  • Outer seal coating with pre-painted steel after customer request.