500L – 2000L Buffer Tanks With Inox Coil For Domestic Hot Water PLANET SOL


  • Buffer Tank from steel
  • Rated pressure 4 bar
  • Max Working Pressure  of Buffer Tank 6 bar
  • Maximum operational temperature of Buffer Tank 95°C
  • Stainless Steel Coil DN32 – 1 ¼’’ with external threading & length 30m
  • Max Working Pressure  of stainless steel coil 12 bar
  • Max Temperature  of stainless steel coil 95°C
  • Heat Exchangers from steel-pipe
  • Max Pressure  of heat exchangers 16 bar
  • Max Temperature of heat exchangers 160°C
  • Removable Insulation from soft polyurethane (foam) of 100 mm thickness.


Electric element with thermostat 1 ½" 4Kw (to be ordered separately)
Three-phase electric element with thermostat 1 ½" 6Kw or 9 Kw (to be ordered separately at capacity required).